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My latest release from Books We Love
5 stars        “Powerful - an excellent word to describe this story.” 
S. Peters-Davis
Rolf, a valiant Norseman, warrior, and leader of his people, in one lifetime, and a recluse and artist in another lifetime.

Brigid, a Celt, beautiful daughter of the leader, and captured prisoner, in one lifetime, and an outgoing, ready-for-life-to-happen woman in another lifetime.

Ms. McGill’s knowledge of Norsemen and Celts accents the historical nuance in Rolf and Brigid’s story, a thrilling epic love-story. One that I could not put down. Ms. McGill’s descriptive word usage and the emotional depth of her story-stars drew me along as if I stood next to Brigid and Rolf through the entire story. A captivating soul-mate tale that will leave the reader thinking about the story-stars long after the last page is read.