4.0 out of 5 starsBelieve in fate ByRomantic Renayon March 12, 2017
"A heroine who learns to love herself. Finds a man who understand and teaches her; she is her own foundation and he helps as her as a rock to support her. Worth reading.

4.0 out of 5 starsReverse May/December Romance   ByAuthorlady08on February 21, 2017
There’s something to be said for a May-December romance. As a more-mature reader, I love seeing an equally mature woman being admired by a younger man. It’s a wonderful change from the usual older hero/younger heroine trope.
Author Tricia McGill has given us a great hero in Jack Delany … he’s a man’s man while still being generous and loving toward the heroine. I really liked his character. And, as much as I wanted to like the heroine, Tessa, in the same way, I found myself a bit miffed with some of her actions. I loved the way she grasped her newly-won independence following the death of her abusive husband.
When Fate Decides is told through a lot of narrative…if you enjoy romantic stories with a little spice, this just might be the story for you.
*Posted simultaneously at Notes From a Romantic's Heart. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*

"Tricia McGill weaves a story of emotions, of facing your fears and stepping out.  Of not being afraid to love, and acceptance of who you are.  This book is very thought-provoking, but most especially, it highlights the importance of knowing that we are all worthy of love – and love can beat all odds.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and highly recommend it.  It’s truly a keeper for the library. 
Angela Verdenius

More mature characters and a second chance at love are the themes of this book. 
The age difference isn't the only obstacle Tessa and Jack will face:  Tessa--who has only been widowed for four months--has two grown children.  Not only will Tessa have to overcome her belief that no man could want her, she'll also have to deal with her son’s disapproval.  Despite the issues they'll have to deal with, the chemistry between them heats up the pages, making this a sensual yet sweet story.
Jennifer Bishop Romance Reviews Today

This is an unforgettable love story that I didn’t want to end and when it did, I wanted to start reading it again. Tessa is a wonderful heroine who has to regain her self-esteem and learn to love again. Jack is a man sure of what he wants and doesn’t mind using everything in his power to get it.
Reviewer: Hattie Boyd Word Museum

Tessa was just beginning to realize the freedom she’d inherited upon her husband’s death. No more bullying. No more being a possession. Then Jack, 15 years younger than the 45-year-old Tessa, knocked on her door. He came talking business but having loved Tessa for 10 years.
This is a fast-paced story of slow decisions after instant attraction. Many women dream of a man like Jack but never meet one, much less get to love and be loved by him
Chas Ridley  TRSAs a romance hero, Jack is one of the best! …expect to spend a few sleepless nights reading this page–turner and enjoying the scorching love scenes between Tessa and Jack! Once started, this book is impossible to put down. Ms. McGill has conjured up a cast of characters that will stay in your mind and a story that will warm your heart.”
Jennifer Macaire for A Romance Review

“The book is filled with romance, laughter, and most of all, feelings that a woman who considers herself over-the-hill will personally identify.  Each of us need a Jack in our life.  Someone to continually remind us we are sexy, beautiful and most of all, still desirable.  It’s a tough struggle for Jack; Tessa is a hard sell.  Tricia McGill’s unique writing style draws you into the characters.  One minute you’re identifying with Tessa, and the next minute you’re cheering Jack onward.  I urge you to read this one.  It will bring back to life, the dreams you have suppressed and warm you through-and-through.”
Ginger Simpson 

After a long unhappy marriage, Tessa is widowed at forty-five. She's certain her love-life is over, but Jack pushes his way into her heart, eager to prove that she's beautiful and vital - and perfect for him. Tessa can't resist Jack, but should she have an affair with a man 15 years her junior? How could it ever work?
This is a tender, steamy love story. Tessa is every woman who's ever had doubts about her desirability. Jack is the dashing hero, strong, reliable and romantic.   Belinda Palmer

Author Tricia McGill has written another charming tale about people so delightfully real, you want to invite them for coffee. Tessa displays a believable vulnerability, wondering why a hunk 15 years her junior would be interested in her. Jack is bluntly honest about his intentions as he wears down her resistance and opens her eyes to possibilities. This is a romance to sigh over as it demonstrates the power of love to conquer all.  Christine Jansen
“Sensual and sizzling, the story of Tessa and Jack jumps off the page and into your heart . . . when Jack--a man she hasn't seen in over ten years--walks back into her life, she's not prepared to believe him when he says he's attracted to her. But who could blame her? Jack is fifteen years her junior...and heart-stopping handsome. Jack's tenderness makes us long for such a hero to sweep us off our feet. This book leaves the reader glowing with warmth long after the last page. Definitely a book you don't want to put down.” Sandra J. Dugas


Jack watched her as she made the coffee and followed her through to the sitting room. He took off his jacket and tie, and tossed both onto a chair, before undoing the top two buttons of his shirt. As he sat on the sofa he leant back with a sigh. She placed his jacket and tie on the back of one of the dining chairs and then sat opposite him on the matching easy chair.

He gave her a reproving look. “I don’t attack unless provoked.” He laughed at the funny face she made.

“You did the first time you came here.” That was said tartly, but he could see she wasn’t really annoyed.

“Was it an attack? I thought it was a kiss between two adults who liked each other. And don’t glare at me. I want you so much I’m missing sleep.” Suspicion was clear in her lovely eyes at that piece of information. “You don’t believe me do you?”

“Hardly. And I thought we were going to be friends and not get onto the subject of your fanciful notions again.”

“Fanciful!” Jack gulped at his coffee, and swore under his breath when it burnt his tongue. “There’s nothing fanciful about it, sweetheart.” He held up a hand when she looked about to protest. “Right, no calling you sweetheart. Sorry, that’s just how I think of you.” He patted the cushion at his side. “Come over here and sit beside me, otherwise I might think I scare you.”
“Not on your life.” Her silky hair swished about her neck as she tossed her head.

“Coward. I never knew you were one of those, Tessa. I always thought you the bravest woman I know. You had to be to put up with your husband.” When he saw she was outraged he’d had the nerve to question her bravery he took the advantage. “Come on.” He winked to encourage her.

She hesitated a moment, then put her cup on the table before them. Her nervousness returned as she settled beside him on the sofa. Jack had to curl his fingers into a fist for fear of grabbing her. He didn’t fancy losing the ground he’d gained tonight. As he also put his cup down, and sat back, her intoxicating perfume surrounded him. “See, I’m harmless.” He held his hands out in front of his body and she snorted.

“About as harmless as a tiger snake.” Their thighs accidentally touched and she lengthened the space between them furtively.
“A teddy bear, that’s me.” With the sensations roaring around inside him at her nearness, at the smell of her perfume, and her exclusive scent, he felt more like a rampaging lion.

“Don’t you ever give up?” Despite a touch of asperity in her tone, he caught the small tremor in her voice, and could only hazard a guess at its source. Now was the time to tread carefully or undo all the progress made tonight, but it became increasingly difficult to keep his distance.

“Never. Not when I’m on a path seemingly set in concrete. Can I kiss you, Tessa?” If he tried the soft approach she would never agree, so why not go by the direct route, and see where it led?

“I’m surprised you asked.” Her fingers were busy, straightening her skirt with long even strokes that brought his eyes to the graceful motion. She was doing her best to hide her nervousness. How long was it going to take to eradicate all her tensions and fears?

“Why would you be surprised? I took liberties before. I’m not about to make the same mistake again.” Jack put a hand gently on one of her fussing hands and stilled it. “So, would you do me the honor of kissing me, please?”

“Don’t.” Her soft eyes filled with confusion.

“Don’t what? Don’t ask for something I’ve been dying to do since Sunday?”

“You make me feel so...” She shifted, and Jack eased himself towards her, pinning her to the armrest of the sofa.

“So what?”

“So…I don’t know, but it sure is bewildering.”

Her gaze darted about the room, so he put his finger beneath her chin. “Look at me, Tessa. This is desire you see in my eyes. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. Look, no hands.” He held both hands out in front of them and she smiled winsomely. “Would you like to be kissed? Would you like to be held? Would you take pity on this poor lonely man and let him taste your delectable lips?”

The confusion vanished as she laughed, giving one of his knees a gentle push. The touch sent a shock racing up his leg. It did all sorts of things to the part of him growing very hard by being so near her.

“You’re not lonely,” she chided.

“Not true, sweetheart.” She didn’t seem to notice the banned endearment.

In fact she was staring at his mouth. Maybe this meant she was as eager to taste it as he was to taste hers. How he hoped so. “I’m thirty years old, but I feel worn out and lonely most of the time. I’ve spent too much time on my own. Since my divorce there’s only been one relationship where I lived with the woman. It lasted a few months—neither of us finding what we were after in a partner. I need a wife, but not just any wife. As I said, I need one I can love unreservedly, and one who will love me just as much.”

“You’re looking in the wrong place, I’m afraid.” The confusion had returned and she was flustered again.

Damn, now he’d put his big foot in his mouth for sure. She was going to shut him out. She made to rise, and he grabbed her hand, pulling her onto his lap. With an exasperated sound she slapped at his arms, but he secured her to his chest. “Tessa!” Gently he hugged her.

Copyright Tricia McGill 2009* All Rights Reserved


5 stars You’ll Love it! by BOOKLOVER64 at KOBO
“Tessa and Jacks love story was one for the books! It was incredible. I'm happy Tessa was able to find love again.”

4.0 out of 5 stars ByStacey Schnelleron
“This is my first story by this author and I was surprised on how well I enjoyed this. I wasn't sure at first what to expect but I can definitely say wow what a read.
The characters were very well loveable and I absolutely fell in love with Jack. He was that one type of guy that you could just fall in love with. He was a good guy. Tessa was a great person as well just felt bad for her when she was in a abusive marriage but after her husband's death she came out to be a great lady.
The storyline in this story was good and went smoothly as well. A great story well written with good characters. A book that is worth reading.
Recommend to Contemporary Romance readers. I believe you won't be disappointed.”
I received a ARC of this book to give a honest review.

4.0 out of 5 starsGood read ByBookJunkieMomon
“This was another first read for me by this author and boy am I impressed! It was quite a different romantic read to see an older type mature woman being desired and pursued by a younger man. I really liked both characters. He's a man's man. A well-developed kind, mature, handsome man. I really like Tessa too. Although some of her behaviours annoyed me a bit, she seemed to lack a bit of a spine, being able to speak her mind and stand up for herself. I understand being a bit timid and unsure of oneself after her situation but she seems to be spineless aside from her situation.. I think that is my only big grief with this book..altogether a good read!”
When Fate Decides by Tricia McGill
Tricia McGill Australian romance author
When Fate Decides
Challenge the Heart Book 1
ISBN: 9781 7714 59280
PRINT ISBN: 9781-77145-931-0
Ask for it at your local bookstore or library