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"I actually really enjoyed this one. Kate and Liam didn't like each other at first but after while their romance bloomed. I’d like to find out more about their story."

"This is a wonderfully written love story. This romantic situation takes place in Australia and the flavor of the dialogue is most captivating. With each new sentence being spoken by the characters, I found myself caught in an enchanting whirlwind of hearing their charming voices.  It was an endearing quality which I enjoyed so much. Tricia McGill has the precise recipe for romance and intrigue all within the pages of this expertly written novel."                   
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“This story takes place in and around the Australian seaside. This beautiful backdrop seems to come alive with the lovers’ emotions; storms and sunny days reflect their own journey. Tricia McGill creates stories that are fondly remembered for their strong characters, this is another one you must not miss.”    Naomi at FAR

“When Kate was fourteen, she vowed to despise Liam Austin forever for making fun of her. But when their paths cross again years later, desire sparks between them. Though a betrayal has hardened him against marriage, and she's afraid to get hurt, they find the love they share is too strong to be denied. Contemporary Author Tricia McGill has done it again – Here is another romantic oasis where the world can't intrude. Kick off your shoes and forget your troubles in the pages of this romantic sizzler.” Belinda Palmer

“What a great book! I loved the Aussie humor, and of course read the entire book in my head with an accent which made Liam even hotter (as I love accents). Giving into the desire of the man she knows she belongs with will take Katie on the wildest ride of her life.... A tantalizing page turner that will make your heart skip a beat every time Katie and Liam are together." Jenn Nixon
“Kate and Liam possess artistic temperaments, and you know that there are going to be fireworks, you just never know how many or what kind.  This is a fun and interesting exploration into love and all its trials.  It starts with a pair of matchmaking siblings, is complicated by a teenaged crush, and is upset by mixed signals, and a sizzling attraction that is hard to resist.  This contemporary romance is a great adventure into the lives of two people who just don't recognize love when they feel it, and are really fighting a losing battle from the start.  Tricia has provided a wonderful cat and mouse relationship, with plenty of sensual overtones.  Liam and Kate are an entertaining pair, and I found this a delightful read.” ROSE at Romance at Heart

“Tricia McGill has done it again. McGill makes her characters come alive with such skill we forget we are reading fiction and begin to root for the heroine, get angry at the hero, love them both and want to shake them and tell them to get together already that's where they belong. Mc Gill's unique voice and turn of a phrase makes her work fresh and delightful to read. No worn out phrases and trite clichés for Mc Gill. We get characters we can empathize with and love scenes to dream about . . . a sensual and beautiful, a story that lives on in your mind long after the last kiss. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good story with plenty of suspense, warmth and beautiful prose. Almost literary in style, McGill has put together a story you won't want to put down and will not soon forget.”  Billie A Williams,

“This is a delightful love story.  Ms. McGill pulls you into the story from the beginning with her vivid descriptions of the beautiful Australian setting and the plot conceived by Bart and Viola to get Liam and Kate together. There’s a wonderful touch of humor as Kate and Liam proclaim they have nothing more than a passing interest in each other. I could feel the emotion and sense the mutual attraction between the two, and I was never disappointed as I progressed from page-to-page.  Once I started, I had to finish... that should tell you how much I enjoyed Ms. McGill’s captivating story.”  Ginger Simpson

"The human soul needs love to be complete.  If denied this basic ingredient, the person the soul inhabits will be but an empty shell.  Passing through the experience called life with little sense of purpose. This story examines the way four adults go about letting fate decide how they shall find their true love. This is a novel that will appeal to all lovers of the romance genre.  The author has told the story in a believable manner.  She is truly a great storyteller in command of her craft. It is a book that I enjoyed reading and would strongly recommend it to others." Warren Thurston


Liam couldn’t believe it. Talk about an ugly duckling turning into a swan. Her snub nose with its sprinkle of freckles was all that saved her face from perfection. The combination of auburn hair and tall lissom figure must attract men wherever she went, yet she was blushing like a schoolgirl, as if unused to male attention. Wide eyes were watching him with wariness at odds with the luscious fullness of her mouth. The dress she wore graced perfect curves, a slim waist, and full breasts.
The beauty she'd become stunned him. This truly magnificent creature, he surmised, was totally unaware of the effect she had on people. At a good five foot eight she was above average height and moved with the grace of a ballerina. And those large luminous eyes were something else.
Viola told them, on one of her visits, that her sister’s looks had set many a male heart thumping. Liam secretly scoffed at that—but now could see exactly what she meant.
Liam backed off at the look that came into her eyes, his inbuilt bachelor’s antennae going into action, when she murmured, "Why thank you," flashing him a brilliant smile that sent his libido into over-drive. "Viola was very sick, as you know, and this break will do her the world of good. I gave up my flat to stay with her, and she wouldn’t come without me." Her shoulders lifted in a shrug and the small movement entranced Liam. There was an innate grace about everything she did, be it moving a limb or a lip. "It was nice of you to invite her."
Liam grinned at that, not missing the way her eyes settled on his mouth. Could she be as stunned by her reaction to his every move as he was by hers? "I have had many epithets bestowed on me in my time, Katie, but nice has never been applied to me before."
Her mouth curved in a soft smile.
"It's amazing, the difference between you and Viola. People must find it hard to believe that you're sisters." Liam remembered hearing that from Viola.
Liam knew that Viola’s mother died when she was eight and her father remarried practically straight away. Four years later Kate was born. Apparently Viola’s mother had been tiny, but Kate inherited her own mother’s height. Viola told them once that when Kate was ten they'd been the same height but then, as Kate shot up, she’d been her sister’s defender.
"You could say that." Her nose wrinkled charmingly. "When I was fourteen and fifteen, plump and gawky, I was very envious of her fragility."
"But when this miraculous metamorphosis of yours took place you could hardly have been envious then, Katie. You’ve grown into a very lovely woman," he drawled.
Her mouth moved, and his stomach did a somersault as she licked those inviting lips. For a moment she stared mutely at him.
"I could get to like these compliments," she said huskily.
"You're not going to tell me you aren't quite used to them. Many men must have admired you."
"Oh yes, many," she said with an enigmatic little smile.
"How's Viola really coping without Charlie?" he asked, thinking it wise to change the subject.
Sadness clouded her eyes. "I think it's getting better. I liked Charles. Although I must be honest and admit I resented him at first. But once I saw how he loved and cherished Viola I grew to respect him."
"He was a good man." Liam swallowed. His own grief still weighed heavily on his heart.
"Yes."  She paused, as though realising his distress. "Did you design this house?" Her beautiful eyes wandered over the kitchen. "It’s a lovely home."
Liam looked around, seeing it in a new light. "Do you really like it? I designed every detail down to the last brick. I guess it’s the materialisation of a dream." He knew he sounded like a proud parent praising his favourite offspring, but couldn’t help it. "Do you still paint?"
Kate was astonished again. Her painting was something he’d ribbed her about, too. "Mm, I still like working in watercolours. How about you? Still dabbling in oils?"
"Yes, I still paint." He jabbed a long finger in the air. "You can see my amateurish efforts filling the walls."
"Amateurish?" Kate chuckled. "Please don't be falsely modest on my behalf."
He shrugged, grinning. "I have little spare time now, unfortunately. One has to pay for success, and in turn it gives one back monetary success." His sigh was exaggerated.
"Yes, it must be hard being rich as well as successful," she agreed.
He winked mischievously. "Come, I’ll take you to my studio." He waved a hand for her to precede him from the kitchen.

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Kate's Dilemma
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