A Dream for Lani-Beneath Southern Skies Book 2
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Lonely Pride by Tricia McGill
Lonely Pride-Beneath Southern Skies Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-77145-307-3

Sam fell in love with Mac at first sight when she was still a child and he a teenage boy, almost but not quite a man. A special bond formed between them, fuelled by their mutual love of animals—especially horses. As each matured, that bond threatened to move beyond the limits of friendship.

By the time Sam reached her 17th birthday she was desperately in love with him, her shining hero. But one awful night Mac betrayed that love and Sam was unable to find it in her heart to forgive him. By the time the truth was revealed they had both moved on with their lives, and Sam’s pride prevented her from forgiving Mac; threatened to ensure her a lonely future.
A Dream for Lani by Tricia McGill
Lani Moore has led a sheltered life, cared for by her strict elderly aunt and uncle. On their death Lani inherits a considerable fortune. To get away from the man after that fortune Lani flees Sydney for Victoria, where she opens a boutique in a suburban shopping mall.

When she seeks a property on which to keep her beloved horse, she enlists the help of local property agent Ryan Bachus. Entranced by his two children, hoodwinked into taking a small flat in his house, she revels in the charm of sharing life with a close-knit family, something her lonely heart has never known. But lies and deceit interfere and her new found happiness is shattered.

previously published as A Lonely Heart
Leah in Love (and trouble) Beneath Southern Skies Book 3
ISBN: 978-1-77145-433-9
PRINT ISBN: 978-1-77299-353-0
Violet Amelia Connor, known to all as Leah, is a landscape designer who inherited her love of gardening from the eccentric aunt she lives with. Leah is contracted to work on the garden of Private Investigator Sean Russel and unwittingly becomes embroiled in the handsome PI’s cases. A series of unpleasant experiences land her in real trouble where she is kidnapped, bashed, bound and altogether becomes a party to such mayhem she is forced to wonder how she ever got mixed up in this mess. But her indomitable spirit, obstinate nature, and incurable sense of humor enable her to override all obstacles. And of course there is her overwhelming attraction for Sean Russel that started it all.

Previously published as Shrinking Violet, this book was a finalist in the Romance Writers of Australia’s Romantic Book of The Year in 2006.

Leah in Love (and trouble) by Tricia McGill
Tricia McGill Australian author