I lived in London, England, before coming to Australia with my husband many years ago, where I settled near Melbourne.

Born into a large, loving, family (I was the youngest) I never knew what it was like to be lonely or alone. I was surrounded by avid readers, and can clearly  remember my first book--a picture-book copy of Alice in Wonderland. I can also remember boring my mother every morning as I retold the dreams that filled my sleep the night before. Is it any wonder I became a writer? I still dream every night and some of those dreams have translated into ideas for my books.

I began writing many years ago, but it wasn't until I retired from the fashion industry that I had the time to write full time. Writing is my great passion and I can't imagine life without writing now.

Although my published works cross sub-genres, romance is always at the crux of my stories. I love a happy ending. There's a surfeit of tragedy in the world today so I try not to dwell on the seedier side of life in my books. That's not to say that I don't sometimes shed a tear or two as my heroine endures heartache along the road to that happy ending--and I know by my reader's comments that most cry and laugh along with her.

I just love the research entailed in writing historicals and my other great passion, time-travels. I find research fascinating. You learn so much in the course of searching for information.

Horses and dogs feature largely in my books. My husband bought me a toy poodle soon after our wedding and I bred from her. We brought our two poodles to Australia with us. Since then I've had a succession of dogs and a cat or two and can't imagine life without a dog in the house. I've owned a few horses and raced some. I'd ridden since a teenager but it was only when we settled in Australia that I was able to own my first horse.

My books are now published by Books We Love where I am happily working on re-writing most of my older titles.

I love to hear from my readers if you enjoyed reading my books, so please email me.

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Tricia McGill Australian Author
Tricia McGill Australian Romance author