"This is a strong outer space romance starring two delightful star-crossed lovers (literal & figurative). The story line is loaded with earthly and solar action. The support cast enables the audience to understand decisions made especially those by Melanie. Tricia McGill provides readers with a cogent romantic science fiction that is sure to gain her fans from both genres. Great Futuristic Romance." Harriet Klausner The Best Reviews

"Ms. McGill's other world development is very believable. She provides realistic characters, and the landscape of Qindaga is similar enough to earth to avoid being jarring. She tells a good story that flows nicely and is consistent. This book does provide a love story and lots of sexual tension. Ms. McGill is a good writer with a unique story idea, a great imagination and a nice writing style with excellent dialogue. I look forward to her next offering."
Carmel Vivier for Romance Reviews Today

"This is a love story, first and foremost. Rarely have two people met and fallen so hard, so fast in love. And rarely have two people had so many obstacles on their path. Reve, a native from Qindaga, has more things on his mind than catering to what he thinks of as an inferior being.  Typical of his society, he doesn't understand the concept of marriage or love, or understand Melanie's grief. Yet, when Melanie and Reve meet, sparks fly. The love scenes in this book are very sensuous. The book is a fast, enjoyable read for those who love space travel and different planets, the clash of cultures, and some hot sex scenes!" Jennifer Macaire author and reviewer

"Tricia McGill delivers a good, solid romance with endearing aliens and a slight tinge of suspense. This is a charming futuristic by a fan favourite."
Kelly Rae Cooper for Romantic Times Magazine

"If you're looking for a story full of excitement, intrigue and love then this is the book for you. Tricia McGill has cleverly woven a story of two worlds of different cultures and beliefs -- alien and separate, except for one thing-- the undeniable love of an alien man for an earth woman. This is a must read from beginning to its final, shattering and most satisfying conclusion.  I highly recommend this book." Elizabeth Forsyth author and reviewer
"Australian author Tricia McGill achieves a nice balance between science fiction and sensual romance. The color, beauty and technology of an alien planet come alive in a story where nothing is quite what it seems, but the universal emotions of love and trust span worlds and space. McGill keeps the pages turning with a tour of a planet that introduces readers to its citizens as she deepens the relationship between her main characters while maintaining tension through both external and internal conflict. McGill reserves some surprises that dress up the resolution nicely. If you like science fiction romance with a splash of suspense, you won't be disappointed."  Mary Allyce for TheWriteLifestyle


“You would run away from us so soon?” The bland question came out smoothly. He had been acting reasonably well, so why was she so scared?

“It’s not a case of running away. I belong on Earth.” Was she a prisoner here? Yes, for as long as this man decided to keep her on his planet. The saliva in her mouth dried up and her stomach felt as if it had become knotted.

“As I see it you have little to go back for,” he went on as if she hadn’t spoken. “Your life mate is dead. You were being threatened with your life, were in fact a moment away from being murdered by this…mobster. You have no other people of your own family.” He got up, put the tray containing her empty dish and glass on the bench and waved his palm over a red light in the wall. The lot disappeared.

“This is all true.” Melanie pushed her hair back and glanced at him where he stood, long legs astride, hands on hips. Totally at ease and arrogantly sure of himself. “But Irena promised you would take me back if I should want that.”

“That’s true also.”

Melanie nibbled on her lower lip when he stared at her in that strange way that sent odd alarm bells off inside her. It looked as if he wasn’t going to say any more on that subject. “What else did she say in her message?” she asked, for something to break the tension strumming between them.

“That you would make an excellent replacement for her in all ways.” Turning his back on her he began to press buttons on a keyboard.

“Replacement?” Melanie gulped—her shoulders going back as she stared at him. What exactly did he have in mind by that statement? Her throat went as dry as a desert while she continued to gaze at the wide expanse of his back.

“Irena shared all things with me.” The sentence was drawled. If she hadn’t seen proof that he was as straight-faced as a poker player she would have sworn he was having a laugh at her expense. Those great shoulders shook slightly. But when he turned back to her his face bore that same calm look, devoid of expression. She must be mistaken. This man didn’t know how to joke.

“Our lines have crossed here somewhere, mister.” Her voice was snappy.

“Lines? Crossed? I’m sorry, I fail to comprehend your strange phrases.” With a nonchalant lifting of his shoulders, he said, “Please do not forget that my brain has to take in your words, assimilate and then translate them. Only then can I understand you. But these odd phrases have no meaning for me. What have crossed lines to do with what I said?”

“All right.” Melanie got up, faced him and then wished she hadn’t. He was so large, so intimidating. Backing up she went to look out of the window. It was growing light. There were much fewer hours of darkness than on Earth. “Let me make it clear. I got the distinct impression you were hinting I should replace Irena in…your…” She couldn’t go on. They slept, but as far as their sex-life went, her training had obviously been pretty sketchy. She had no inkling of exactly how they mated. But if her senses alerted her correctly, this hunk was implying she take Irena’s place in his bed.

“Bed?” There was definitely a hint of a smile on those dangerous lips now as she glared hard at him. “Don’t look so shocked. I caught the word running around in that unusual brain of yours.”

These pieces of information made her feel a whole lot better. Now he was picking her brain.

“To set your mind at rest, we do mate much as you do on Earth. Women have the same rights as men in choosing their mate. Yes, I shared my body with Irena, and if you would be willing, I would share it with you.”

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Amid the Stars by Tricia McGill
Tricia McGill Australian romance author
Amid The Stars
Sci/Fi--Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77145-809-2