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Tricia McGill Australian romance author
Amethyst (Contemporary Romance)
ISBN: 978-1-77362-708-3
PRINT ISBN: 878-1-77362-712-0

“Amy was such a good character, I really enjoyed her story. But at times I found myself shaking my head at her, not in anger. Great book and I give it 5 out of 5 stars.” BOOKLOVER64  "WORTH THE READ."

“Tricia McGill writes a tender love story that will melt your heart and have you wanting to smack some sense into Amy… good reading, especially when you turn inward to look at yourself and your insecurities. Linda B at TRS

Amy, a small town girl in Australia, grows up with the Bowen orphans, Tony and Andrew. Now, at age twenty-two, she has the choice to marry one of the brothers. But, will it be Tony her dependable, steady companion, or Andrew, who inflames her passions? She loves them both. How in the world can she choose without hurting the other one? Tricia McGill writes a compelling romance with realistic concerns that any young woman might experience when faced with the prospect of marrying one of two friends. Jo Ellen Conger

“A delightful read of second chances. Andrew threw it all away when Amy was younger but she was giving him another chance. Andrew made sacrifices of his own to win the woman he loves. ...will Amy see past the lies of a woman scorned? If you like to read about second chances then you’ll enjoy this story. It was also amusing to see Amy frustrated by Andrew as she had no idea what he was up to.” Pam at A Romance Review

“With refreshing characters and a well-written storyline the reader is immediately drawn into a family at odds with each other. Amy is a believable character who is often confronted with so many obstacles; she is often faced with much anger. Andrew’s sexy charm transcends through the pages and he is a likeable person. Ms. McGill does a good job in creating a friendship that begins in the early years and lasts into the later years with strong feelings that are sometimes hard to let go as real issues ensue. I liked her comment about the magic ingredient that marriage needs. She creates a hometown, adds some delightful main characters, then blends some secondary ones into a storyline that often rings true to make this one irresistible read with emotions that dance through the pages. This is a story that this reader thoroughly enjoyed and comes highly recommended.” Reviewed by: Linda L
"Rarely is a reader compelled to finish a book without stopping for some reason, at the end of a chapter, because nature calls or some other outside cause.  The heroine, Amy is a strong independent woman who remains in love with her high school crush.  The road to happiness is fraught with self-doubt, but love will out. Tricia McGill has crafted a time proven love story in a fashion that leaves you wanting more.  Even the author’s notes add to the story.  I will look for more of Tricia McGill. On the mascara scale (meaning it will run as the emotion grabs you)  this rates a 5." Dee Carey

“This contemporary romance has it all. A classic plot, a collection of interesting characters including a dog and cat who rides in the basket of a bike, and a satisfying resolution. This is a quick and enjoyable read." Allison Knight


“Good morning, Andrew.” Carefully removing the cat from his arms, Amy gently placed it in the basket in front of her handlebars. Goldie nonchalantly began to clean her paws. “I heard you were back in town.” Amy looked him up and down. “Trying to work off the effects of soft city living?”

Still keeping eye contact with Amy, he bent to stroke Jess, now also smooching up to him. “City living, for me at least, is anything but soft. In fact my lifestyle is so hectic I’m feeling jaded of late.”
Amy eyed him. One thing he certainly didn’t look was jaded. Andrew always had been fit and always prided himself on his athletic ability.

“I’ve been working long hours for quite some time, and it’s caught up with me. To be honest I’ve come home for a rest.”

So that answered her silent query. She’d been dying to know just why he’d returned to their small hometown. “How long will you be staying this time?” She tried to sound disinterested. As though she really couldn’t care less if he stayed a day or forever.

He finger combed his windswept black hair. “That depends.”

“Ah, depends on how long you can stand to stay here in this back block, you mean.”

He glanced about. “At this stage of my life this back block, as you so quaintly put it, is highly appealing to a worn-out old city bloke.” With an absent gesture he massaged the juncture of his neck and his shoulder.

“How’s the shoulder?” she asked. “Still bothering you?” In his early football playing days his collarbone was broken, and he stubbornly continued playing with the bones grating against each other.

He shrugged. “Not a lot. Since the pin was inserted I only get the occasional twinge.”

Then, after a collision with a massive opponent left him in a crumpled heap on the field, he’d thrown in the towel as far as football was concerned. Unconscious, he was rushed to hospital with an injured knee. Soon after that, at the age of twenty-three, to the sorrow of his team mates, he decided never to return to football.

“How’s your knee?” With a glance at that part of him, she swallowed. He had just about the most perfect legs she’d ever seen on any man. Point was, everything about him was nigh on perfect.

He flexed his leg and shrugged again. “Since the reconstruction it’s been no real problem.”

Amy dragged her glance from him to her watch. If she didn’t get a move on she would be late for work, and that would never do. Much as she hated to leave Andrew she had to go, for her boss despised tardiness.  “I have to fly,” she said. Jobs in the small town were hard to come by, and she enjoyed working in the bank. Mr. Mortimer, her boss, wasn’t so bad. A friend of her father’s, he’d encouraged Amy to attend evening classes to further her computer skills.

With a wave she hoped appeared careless, she pedalled off, the dog loping at her side, the cat still perched majestically in the basket. “See you around,” she flung over a shoulder.

“You sure will,” Andrew called after her.

Amethyst by Tricia McGill