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Tricia McGill Australian Author

Mystic Mountains
Settlers Book 1 
ISBN: 978-1-77145-129-1
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Print ISBN: 978-1-77145-256-4
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Remnants of Dreams by Tricia McGill
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Remnants of Dreams
ISBN: 978-1-77145-183-3

Remnants of Dreams moves from the horrors of the 1914-1918 war to the 1990s, and paints an unforgettable picture of a changing world and of working class people in North London whose only riches are love and the knowledge that they did their best.
Alicia's indomitable spirit sustains her and her large family through two wars, illness, death and loss. From her mother's example Sara finds the courage to escape an intolerable situation and forge a new life in a new country.

Remnants of Dreams was previously published as Traces of Dreams and in 2003 won the Romance Writers of Australia's mainstream Romantic Book of The Year.
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Mystic Mountains by Tricia McGill
Distant Mountains
Settlers Book 2
ISBN: 9781-1-77145-229-8

Distant Mountains by Tricia McGill
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Lonely Pride by Tricia McGill
Lonely Pride--Beneath Southern Skies Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-77145-307-3
Sam fell in love with Mac at first sight when she was still a child and he a teenage boy, almost but not quite a man. A special bond formed between them, fuelled by their mutual love of animals—especially horses. As each matured, that bond threatened to move beyond the limits of friendship. By the time Sam reached her 17th birthday she was desperately in love with him, her shining hero. But one awful night Mac betrayed that love and Sam was unable to find it in her heart to forgive him. By the time the truth was revealed they had both moved on with their lives, and Sam’s pride prevented her from forgiving Mac; threatened to ensure her a lonely future.

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“Ms. McGill has written very real characters. You can relate to them and the problems they are dealing with. She has created a world that is believable. I love the scene of Mac telling Sam how he feels and she finally realizes what she felt all those years ago was that she hadn't wanted to grow up. She had wanted everything to stay the same. Ms. McGill tells a story that touches your heart.”  Donna Fallen Angels Reviews

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The Laird by Tricia McGill
The Laird
Wild Heather series, Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-77145-341-7

Andrew, a wealthy Australian architect, takes life too seriously, whereas his PA Elizabeth is outgoing and fun-loving; a perfect foil for her somber boss. She is passionate about Celtic lore and language. With great reluctance Andrew answers a plea from his two elderly aunts to travel to Scotland before his uncle dies. He has no desire to visit the land his father left under a cloud many years ago, but Liz persuades him to take her along.
In the draughty and dilapidated castle, while exploring a disused attic, the pair set off a course of events that propel them back in time to 1050 where they meet Travis, coincidentally Andrew's double.
This book was previously published as White Clover
“I enjoyed every minute of this book. Tricia McGill perfectly pulls the reader back in time along with Andrew and Liz, describing the castle and its inhabitants in such detail they fully come to life. Andrew’s aunts, Tilda and Kitty, are gems whose unsolicited advice made me laugh out loud! The dialogue in this story is one of its strongest features, and coupled with an intriguing plot it is a winning combination.” Marlene FAR 4 ½ angels
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